Leaders Handbook

This page is not a substitute for training, nor is it in any way a replacement for all the info that’s on the scout website. It’s simply a collection of info pertinent to Chorleywood Scouts, HQ and how we all fit together as a team.

Please do look to POR (Policy Organization and Rules)  and the scouts website for guidance on scouting practice and safeguarding.

As a general rule OnlineScoutManager (OSM) and the scouts website have lots of great information. Other leaders are always willing to help. If in doubt, ask the team leader, or Sarah Wright for help.

Above all, enjoy it! Scouting can give so much for both the young people and the adults involved!

Who’s Who
Fire Drills
Accident Reporting
Online Scout Manager and Compass
Risk Assessments
Activities and Programme Planning
Adult Uniform
Children’s Scarves
Email & Website
Waiting Lists & Volunteers
Waste Management