Handbook – Activities and Programme Planning

Each section plans together – Cubs, Scouts share across each pack / troop. This is really helpful and shares the load in terms of planning and prep, and balances the sections out. There are great activities on the scouts website and OSM as well for ideas.

Subs are collected termly, around 2 weeks into term, using OSM subscriptions. We can claim gift aid on subs and this is pursued by James Ray who manages subs for the group. Leaders get half price subs. The team leader for each section must tell the subs manager when they get new leaders so that subs are set up correctly. Every year in January or February there is a scout association census, and capitation is paid per head to The Scout Association. The remainder of the subs can be used by the group to run activities and maintain our premises and equipment. Our subs go to a Subs bank account, allowing the treasurer and subscriptions secretary to manage the annual payment to the Scout Association.

Parents are encouraged to use Go Cardless to set up a direct debit to pay subs, which massively reduces the admin for the leaders, and means we do not need to have leaders involved in collecting subs at all. When a child moves sections, the direct debit is cancelled and they will be asked to set it up again.

Events should be paid for by OSM, and cash avoided as much as possible, for accountability reasons. Events are setup to go to a different bank account to subscriptions, and as such require a different Go Cardless direct debit. Parents are prompted to set this up when payment is asked for the first event the young person attends in that section. When setting up events remember Go Cardless takes a fee, so allow a bit of rounding to ensure enough funds are received – around 50p for a £10 payment. An event is basically anything where you are asking parents to sign up to attend and may take a payment.

Budget for Sections per term – This is set at £200 excluding badges. It can be used for subsiding events or activities, or for materials for troop / packs nights. Team members are encouraged not to ask for regular small amounts from parents, and to keep a record of expenditure per pack / troop and manage the terms budget. For example, try to avoid asking for cash to help pay for a cooking night, this can come from your budget, unless it is very expensive. Getting parents to sign up and pay for evening activities that you have paid for can help ensure you know how many children will attend. It is possible to carry over from one term to the next – so if you don’t spend much one term you could use it the next. Don’t carry funds forward from one academic year to the next though. If a trip looks worthwhile but possibly costly, the executive can be approached to subsidise it, but be prepared to justify it!

If you use the minibuses remember to allow for fuel costs. In general, there is no need to charge for shorter local journeys, but for a camp where you are going further afield and doing more than 20 miles or so in the bus, ensure you have allowed for fuel costs in your budget.

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