Handbook – Email & Website

Leaders should use a Chorleywood scouts email address for all scout business for reasons of GDPR and safeguarding. This is of the form first name.lastname@chorleywoodscouts.org. If leaders don’t have access to a scouts email address Duncan Farnsworth should be contacted to sort one out. Gareth Bowsher and Jonathan White can also help.

You access the email via Gmail at https://mail.google.com/ or you can add it as an email account to your phone or desktop email programme. You should email Scouts via Online Scout Manager, see here.

The website is also maintained by Duncan. To amend content or update please talk to Duncan. You are also encouraged to have a login to update pages yourself.

Useful email addresses:

leaders@chorleywoodscouts.org – all leaders
exec@chorleywoodscouts.org – all exec members

scout.leaders@chorleywoodscouts.org – all Scout leaders
cub.leaders@chorleywoodscouts.org – All Cub leaders
beaver.leaders@chorleywoodscouts.org – All Beaver leaders

chair@chorleywoodscouts.org – Scouts Chair
gsl@chorleywoodscouts.org – Group Scout Leader
treasurer@chorleywoodscouts.org – Scouts Treasurer
secretary@chorleywoodscouts.org – Exec Secretary
group.admin@chorleywoodscouts.org – Group administrator for DBS checks etc.

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