Handbook – Minibuses

Chorleywood Scouts own one mini bus – a Citroen Relay 15-seater, plus two trailers. To drive requires a licence category D1 on your driving license, and if you wish to drive with scout passengers in the bus, you will need to have a Herts CC mini bus license or another equivalent Herts Scouts approved permit. The Herts CC license requirement is subject to change – for avoidance of doubt check with Gareth Bowsher, our minibus manager. Gareth has created a very useful ‘what you need to do to drive a Chorleywood minibus’ document. Please refer to this for all info on buses. Nobody can drive our minibuses without licence checks having been carried out via Gareth – this is for driver and passenger safety, and vehicle insurance reasons.

A full vehicle check must be carried out before driving the bus. There is a folder in each bus with all the info on that particular bus. Allow a half an hour the first time you do this, if the bus hasn’t been used for a while it is a good idea to arrange with Gareth to check the bus over a day or so before use.

The bus must never be left with less than 1⁄4 tank of fuel. Please refuel after long journeys – consider time to get fuel when returning the bus to HQ.

We are members of Roundabout Transport – a local community minibus scheme. More information on minibuses and this scheme can be found in Gareth’s bible on buses.

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