Handbook – Online Scout Manager and Compass

Online Scout Manager

We use an administration system called On Line Scout Manager (OSM) for all membership records, badge records, attendance communication, payments and event management. The section team leader will set access up for new members when GDPR training has been completed. At present we are looking at standardising how it is used across the sections, but would encourage all new team members to look at the on line tutorials and walk throughs to understand how useful this system is.

If you already have a 1CW member, you will have a login as a parent – this lets you manage your child’s records. As a leader, you may also be given leader access to OSM which could be via a different login or the same. If they are the same you can switch between viewing your child and the scout troop at the top left.

The leader login uses permissions as to what you can and cannot do within OSM – for example, someone who handles subscriptions generally doesn’t need to know the Dr’s details for a Scout, whereas a leader does.

Online Scout Manager – Sending Emails to Member Scouts

In order to comply with GDPR (not sharing personal details), we normally email via an OSM email relay, or send directly from within OSM. There are guides for this once you have logged in to OSM. 

The email relay is really useful, as it only forwards out emails if they have been sent from an email address that is valid for performing this relay function. 

Training can be given on this as required.


Compass is the Scouts UK HR system. It holds your personal leader records, training attainment and is managed as an HR system. Compass holds the records (including DBS check status) of all uk personnel involved in Scouting and is GDPR compliant. 

Esther group.admin@chorleywoodscouts.org looks after DBS checks and the main administration for 1st Chorleywood.

Your login for Compass will be whatever email address you were set up with originally – it’s a personal login for you – so likely your personal email address.

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