Handbook – Premises

Premises HQ – Orchard Drive
Front gate should only be locked once, do not double lock in case of jamming. Front door has two keys, please ensure yale style and chubb lock are both used when locking up at the end of a session.

Two large halls, and small rooms off it. Lower Hall is largely used for Scouts, upper Hall for Beavers and Cubs meetings. Scout sections have a notice board each in lower hall, Cubs and Beavers have boards in the upper hall. It is up to sections to keep these looking interesting and update them – bearing in mind we have hirers who use the halls.

If you move furniture during a session, put it back as it was before you leave HQ.

Kitchen is kept locked, same key opens this room as opens the upper room at the very top of the stairs, and the upstairs store room at the back of the upper hall. First aid kits are found in the kitchen. ALL LEADERS ARE EXPECTED TO HAVE THEIR OWN BASIC FIRST AID KITS WITH THEM WHEN OUT AND ABOUT. Items to top up the first aid kits can be found in the Cubs store room, please ask Jonathan White for more information. If you use items from the first aid kit let Jonathan know, so that the kits can be replenished.

Front Upper room (“the committee room”) has Beavers cupboards in it and should be kept tidy at all times as this can be used by other sections for a break-out sessions during meetings.

The Explorers room is off the stairs by the upper hall. This room is for use by explorers and leaders only, most leaders do not have a key for it.

Rear upper room is a store room, and has some Scout troop storage, and cub section storage, shared storage, plus plastic chairs and a rack of folding chairs. Low height folding tables can also be found in here (about 3-4). There is a shared cupboard in this storeroom that contains: a set of hammocks, Chorleywood Scarves, Second Hand uniform, name tapes, district and county badges. Litter pickers, lego, flags and flag holders for parades, ball pit balls, and so on. It is worth familiarising yourself with the contents. Modern Nylon tents are stored on labelled racking in this room, and games equipment on racking the other side of the door. All equipment used must be put back where it was found.

To the rear of the lower hall are main stores, they are split into three sections.
Section 1 – Heavy canvas, mallets, wooden pegs.
Section 2 – Camp equipment, cooking kit, tarps and so on.
Section 3 – Folding benches and tables, and metal food store.
Food store has nonperishable sealed food left from camps and events. No open packs of food must be left here, and dates checked carefully. The metal doors must be sealed shut. We have mice present and need to manage all food sources! Whenever anything is taken from stores, it must be returned clean and ready for the next group to use, put back in the correct place.

Front gate should only be locked once, do not double lock in case of jamming. Front door has two keys, please ensure yale style and chubb lock are both used when locking up at the end of a session.

To the rear of HQ outside we have a traverse wall. Young people must be supervised using this to ensure it is used correctly, and appropriate RA’s carried out before use. For help with this please contact Tony Barnett or Duncan Farnsworth who have a number of fun games and can assist with RA’s if needs be.

Under the shelter at the back of HQ we have altar fires. These must be used only in the open air, not under the roof of the shelter, and away from the gas cylinder store. Again, appropriate RA’s must be in place before they are used. There is a limited store of wood in a wheely bin and dustbins under the shelter, it is best to assume that no wood is present if making fires on site, do not rely on the wood in the store. No fires should be set directly onto the concrete as it has been found to explode under intense heat – fires must only ever be laid on altar fires on stands. There is also the equipment to create basic brick and fireproof stone ovens. For information on this please contact Anne Maria Farnsworth (via group executive) who is also Explorer team leadership member. All fires must be fully extinguished before locking up.

In the garage at the back of HQ we have more folding chairs, the restored Trek Cart that used to be used by scouts to haul equipment to camp, and a commercial gas BBQ and associated kit owned by Chiltern Samaritans and stored for them by the Chorleywood scouts. We can use this BBQ, but please note as at Nov 2023 it needs servicing, approach Sarah W before considering using it. In the main garage at the front of the building we have two trailers, used to take equipment to camp. There is also a tall fridge used for chilling drinks at events.

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