Handbook – Who’s Who

Group Scout Leader
David Ponsford

Assistant Group Scout leaders
Sarah Wright
Tony Barnett

Beaver Team
Beavers meet on a Friday 5 – 6.15/30pm
Liz Hall
Duncan Munroe
Sandra Da Silva

Cubs Team
Falcons – Thursday 6.30 – 8pm
Rebecca Tate (Team Leader Falcons)
Ollie Hobden (Falcons)
Ben Coekin (Falcons)
James Heath (Falcons)
(Note – Sarah Wright assists with Falcons as ex leader)
Eagles – Friday 6.30 – 8pm
Jonathan White (Team Leader Eagles)
Bruce Rawstorne (Eagles)
Katherine Fawcett (Eagles)
Ryan Dunnockchard (Eagles)

Scouts Team
Misbourne Scouts – Wednesday 7.30 – 9pm
Duncan Farnsworth
Jon Hooper
Nick Morrison
Chess Scouts – Thursday
Ed Hems (also Scouts Chair)
Rowena Raine
Dawn Symons
Norman Leinster
Louise Price
Jenn Whinnett
Thames Scouts – Friday 
Gareth Bowsher- Team Leader
Daniel Madeira
Catherine Bithell
Andy Shah
Theo Padadopolous
Martin Mcdonagh

Section instructors
Michael Ponsford
Dave Martin (ex cubs leader, still happy to help)
Paul Sutton (now lives in Dorset, will help with water activities and hikes residentials)

Group Executive
Chair – Ed Hems
Secretary – Katie Simons
Quartermaster – Marion Walker
Treasurer – Neil Thompson
Group Administrator – Esther Kufrin
Group Scout Leader – David Ponsford
AGSL – Sarah Wright
Training Advisor – Alita Davern
Waiting lists – Leann Bowden
Subscriptions – James Ray
Committee Members – Punyadip Cheema, Anne Maria Farnsworth

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