Scouts Parents Handbook – Background

Background and Introduction
Scouts are young people aged between 10½ and 14. There is lots of information about being a Scout on the Scouting website. This includes information about the Scout Promises, which can be seen here.

EthosIntegrity, Respect, Care, Belief and Cooperation
We have fun, we try new challenges, we make friends, we are tolerant, we develop and grow in independence and confidence. We live by the Scouts Promise. We earn badges by joining in with activities at Scouts and also the skills we learn elsewhere. 

Therefore, we ask parents to encourage independence in their Scouts, to try new things, to persevere, and to respect themselves, their peers and the adult leaders and helpers. This builds their confidence and allows them to get the most from the Scouting experience. 

For example, please try to hold back from ‘taking over’ when helping at Scouts, and try to have your Scout do their own packing for camp & hikes. 

There is an element of risk at Scouts – this is one aspect of Scouting, we plan for risk, we mitigate it, but we don’t remove it.  

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