Scouts Parents Handbook – Scout Information, Contact Details and OSM

Along with other Cubs and Scouts groups, Chorleywood holds key contact, medical and permission information about your child in the Scout OSM portal, which parents have access to. You can access this via this link Please check the information held about your child here, and update it as necessary. We can only support scouts properly on the basis of correct up to date information recorded here.

You must let us know about the following:

Contact details must be kept up to date. Please ensure we have contact numbers for you, in case of emergency. If you know you will be out of signal etc, please provide an alternative contact. We will also ensure we have a contact who is available even if we are out in a poor reception area. 

Health conditions in your children, any allergies or intolerances. If they have to carry medication with them – Epi-pens, inhalers, tablets, then we must know what they have, and when/how it has to be given. It is strongly recommended that we are given a spare set of medication to hold in our first aid kit (always carried with us).

Behavioural conditions in your children and ways of managing them.  We may ask for you to attend with your child if required, to allow us to be able to supervise the rest of the troop safely. We aim to be as inclusive as much as possible, as long as we are able to run the evenings safely, and give sufficient attention to the whole troop.  

Please do come and talk to us about any concerns: we will not tolerate bullying for example.  

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